Taxes are due on April 15th this year. Do not let confusion get in the way of filing your taxes on time. If you need help with filing your taxes, you can look online for the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP)’s Tax-Aide program. This is a completely free resource that the AARP offers to people who seek assistance with filing their taxes.

You do not even need to leave your house to receive tax help. The AARP’s Tax Aide program provides both in-person and remote help with filing your taxes. Anyone can go online to request help from Tax-Aide, but first considerations will go to taxpayers who are above age 50 and taxpayers with low to moderate income levels.

How to Get Free Tax Help From The AARP & MilTax

Similarly to VITA, Tax Aide volunteers go through IRS certifications each year that they would like to volunteer their assistance.

You can usually be confident that if you enlist a Tax-Aide assistant to help file your taxes, you will be getting qualified help.

If you are an active or retired service member or if you are the dependent or spouse of someone in the military, there is a free tax service available to you. 

MilTax Filing is a company that offers free tax filing software, online assistance, and phone guidance to military personnel from late January through mid-October.

MilTax Filing is a great option for service members and their families because the company understands financial situations that are unique to the military, such as deployment pay and survivor tax forgiveness.

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