People who volunteer with VITA complete yearly certification courses through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These courses keep them up to date on tax filing practices so that they are completely capable of giving tax assistance to people who need it. This way, they are prepared to help you get the most out of your tax filing.

VITA workers also must agree to keep taxpayer information completely confidential. These volunteers are committed to helping their communities by providing completely free support to people who need extra help with filing their taxes.

VITA & Free File: What You Should Know

If you would like to use VITA to get in-person help with your taxes, it is a good idea to try to plan your VITA visit as soon as you can. This year there are less active VITA sites due to the pandemic. 

Additionally, the requirements to access VITA may change depending on the volunteer site, so you probably should call ahead to make sure that you are able to use their services.

If you are unable to find a VITA site near you, do not give up on seeking tax help. You can use Free File online to file your taxes for free with guided software.

Before you sign up for Free File you should collect the materials that you will need to complete your tax returns. Here are the things you will need to file your taxes:

  • Income statements (for example, W2s or 1099s)
  • Income adjustments
  • Current filing status
  • Dependent information, if applicable

If you do not want to use Free File’s selection of tax software, you can still find free ways to file your taxes. If  you have questions about Free File you can visit the IRS Tax Help Center online.

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