You can find tax filing software to use for free, regardless of income level. There are many well known companies that offer free versions of their tax filing software. You could use a brand name company to file your taxes, like H&R Block, for no cost at all. Tax accounting companies generally have different versions of their tax software for sale because there are many different types of filing statuses and some are more complicated than others.

The free versions of these company’s tax software is almost always for the most basic types of taxes. If your taxes are not too complex, for instance if you are a single person with just one W-2, then you can probably find a free tax filing software that will work for you. Below, learn about some of the companies that offer free software for basic tax filing.

How to Find FREE and Reliable Tax Software

One of the most popular is H&R Block.

Aside from offering their basic tax filing software for free, H&R Block also offers a program that includes free tax assistance and filing to those who make less than $66,000 per year. This is through a partnership with the United Way, called MyFreeTaxes.

Other free tax software providers include the following companies.

  1. Credit Karma
  2. eSmart Free File Edition
  6. FreeTaxUSA
  7. Online Taxes at
  8. TaxAct Free File
  9. TaxSlayer
  10. Turbo Tax
  11. Free File Edition
  12. 1040NOW.NET

Make sure that you are comfortable with filing your taxes by yourself before you sign up for one of these free tax services and do not forget to read any online disclaimers on these websites.

Do not get fooled by tax scams, find out what to watch out for. Click to the next slide to learn about identifying tax scams.

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