You will only need to replace driver’s license credentials if your license has been damaged, stolen or lost. If your license has been stolen, be sure to file a police report, as you can use this as proof to have your replacement fee waived. If your license was lost or damaged, you will still need to pay the DMV license replacement fee.

This fee will vary by state, but it is usually less than applying for a new license or a license renewal. Some states allow you to replace a driver’s license online, while others require you to apply for a replacement license in person at your local DMV office. 

Lost Your Drivers License? Learn How To Replace It Quickly and Easily

If you decide to apply for a replacement online, you will get your license mailed to you within a few days.

However, you will receive your replacement license immediately if you go to a DMV and apply for a replacement in person. 

An important thing to note if you need to replace a driver’s license, is that you will not receive an updated expiration date meaning that the expiration date will still be the same as your lost, stolen or damaged license. 

If you have lost your license a few months before it is due to expire, it is recommended that you apply for a license renewal instead, as it will save you time and money. 

If you choose to get a replacement with your renewal date less than a few months away, you will need to pay for both a replacement license and a driver’s license renewal instead of paying for only one service.

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