If you have recently moved within the state you currently live in, you will need to file for a DMV change of address as soon as possible. If you do not update the driver’s license address on your driver’s license as soon as possible, you may miss important correspondences from the DMV, such as renewal notices and other legal notices.

You may also have difficulty voting in local and national elections if the address on your license does not match your new voting district. To get a driver’s license address change, you can usually log into your state’s DMV website and update your address in the system.

Moving to A New State? Learn How to Change the Address on Your Driver’s License

For states that do not offer this option, you can also print and fill out a change of address form, which can be found on your state’s DMV website. 

After you have filled out the form with your new address, your driver’s license number and other necessary information, you can choose to either mail it to your local DMV or hand in your application in person. 

A driver’s license address change is free, unless you want your license to reflect the new address.

Most states only require you to file a change of address with your local DMV to update the address in their system, but they do not require you to purchase a new license with your new address on it. 

Some states have a space on the back of your driver’s license where you can write in your new address, while others require you to pay for a replacement driver’s license in order to receive a new license that reflects your current address. 

Because there are multiple options depending on your state, be sure to consult with your local DMV before making a decision.

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