Understanding SSDI Requirements

If you have recently become disabled and as a result, are no longer able to work, you may be qualified for more than $3000 a month in Social Security Disability Insurance benefits. 

Read more to learn about meeting the requirements to qualify for SSDI benefits, so you can potentially receive more than $36,000 a year in cash assistance to help you with your disability.

Getting Started With SSDI
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In order to find out if you qualify for SSDI benefits you will need to:

  • Find out whether you fall under the Social Security’s definition of disability. 

Your medical condition must be considered severe, long-term, and total to receive financial assistance for your disability. These are terms that the government uses to evaluate your condition for your SSDI claim.

  • Determine if you have worked enough to meet earning requirements

You will need to pass two different types of work tests. The Social Security Administration uses these tests to measure how many years you have paid into the Social Security system by working and paying taxes.

  • Gather your application materials

To enter your SSDI claim you will need to collect proof of  identification as well as financial records. You will also need to provide medical information, such as your doctor’s contact information, lab results, and dates of medical visits.

  • Apply within the appropriate window of time

The SSA has specific guidelines concerning when you can start to receive disability payments. It is important to note that you have to be disabled for five months before you can receive any payments. Despite that, you should still apply for SSDI as soon as you become disabled because it could take a while for your claim to be processed. 

Knowing whether you meet the criteria is essential to making sure you can start receiving cash assistance as soon as your disability starts affecting you. Continue reading to find out if you qualify for SSDI benefits.

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