You can apply for SSDI benefits in a few different ways. The easiest option is to apply online on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) official site. You can also call the SSA’s National 800 Number to apply by phone or to make an appointment to apply in person.

To complete your application you will need the following information about your identification, income, and medical history: Social Security Number (SSN), birth certificate, contact info of your doctors, dates of your medical visits, medical test results and your most recent W-2 or federal tax return.

Skip the Wait: Learn How to Apply for SSDI Online

While processing your application, the Social Security Administration will evaluate: 

  1. Your current work activities, 
  2. Decide if you pass the work tests, and 
  3. Contact your doctors to ask about your disabling condition.

It may take a while for the government to process your SSDI claim. Learn more about when is the best time for you to apply for disability cash benefits. 

You should apply for SSDI benefits as soon as you become disabled. 

This is because processing your application can take many months. And, you cannot receive SSDI benefits until you have been disabled for five full months

This means that even if your claim was processed and approved the first month that you became disabled, you will not start receiving your SSDI payments for 4 more months.

In the case your claim takes longer than 5 months to process, you will still receive back-payments starting with the 6th month of your disability. So, even if your application process takes time, you will never miss out on a payment. 

If your first application for SSDI benefits is denied, don’t despair. Many applicants are not approved the first time that they apply for SSDI benefits. You can file an appeal with the Social Security Administration, as long as you request one within 60 days of receiving your letter of denial.

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