If you are looking for debt or credit card relief, then you should shop around for different settlement plans. The best option to settle your debt will depend on how much you owe, who you owe money to, your credit score, and the type of debt you have (student loans, credit cards, etc.).

Some lenders do not handle certain types of debt, such as backed taxes or home loans. Likewise, some programs will only work with you if your debt is more or less than a certain amount. 

Choosing Between Debt Management Plans

If you are looking for debt consolidation loans with bad credit, you might need to put up collateral for a secured loan. You can obtain a secured loan with a lender by using your home, vehicle, or other personal property as a guarantee.

Secured loans are less risky for lenders, so you may qualify for the lump sum even with poor credit. 

You will also want to consider the terms of the debt management plan.

Are there hidden fees you will need to pay on top of your balance? Does the plan have a monthly payment that your budget can handle?

Before you choose a debt management agency, be sure to:

  • Search for a certified counselor.
  • Research the agency before you agree to work with it.
  • Look for convenience. Try to find an agency that can work with you over the phone or internet.

Consider the benefits of each type before agreeing to the terms. You may be better off just asking for a loan and handling the management of it yourself.

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