How to Decorate a Small Space on a Budget

How to Decorate a Small Space on a Budget

Whether you live with a spouse and kids in a tiny house, or run your home business out of a cozy studio, your environment should bring out the best in you. No matter how modest your budget may be, you can decorate your small space to have a lasting impact on your life.

Your environment helps to shape the way you think. Your furniture, artwork and the colors you use can all reinforce the values you embrace. Being intentional about your decoration choices can make even a small space feel comforting and inviting.

Limited Space as an Advantage

The chief advantage of decorating a small space is that you’ll spend less on everything. The total surface area of your walls is smaller than that of a large house, for example, so it will require less paint. You can buy smaller rugs, and your residence won’t need a lot of furniture in every room, making it easier for you to stay on budget.

In short, a small space means that you’ll spend less time and money on decorating and you can focus on finding a few great items instead of trying to save money by filling your home with so-so decor. Plus, your decorating goals can be achieved quickly, so you can start enjoying your space sooner instead of after months of work.

Effective Simplicity

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on home decor to make a statement. People display their personal style in six main ways. That is, through:

  1. Storage.
  2. Color.
  3. Furniture.
  4. Art.
  5. Lighting.
  6. Soft furnishings such as rugs and drapes.

If your budget is modest, you can start making changes with one category before moving to the rest.


Choose items that are stylish, versatile and compact. A small sectional sofa will fit neatly in a wide variety of positions, allowing you to smoothly adjust your living room layout when the mood strikes. A small folding table can be used for studying, or to serve food when guests come by.

If you can only select one item of furniture right now (apart from the essentials like a bed, dining table, etc.), you may want to consider an accent piece for your entryway. Accent furniture also stands out in your bedroom, living room or dining room.

Accent tables are multifunctional, and those with a distressed finish or unusual color will immediately capture attention. You may find one that is inlaid or made using recycled materials.

After a long day, you may just want to put your feet up. An accent chair can make your space look more luxurious, especially if the upholstery and color play well with other items in the room.

You’ll need a dining table, so choose one that commands attention with its design. These come in all sizes, so it’s easy to find one that will fit the dimensions of your kitchen, kitchenette or dining room. When it comes to fitting a dining table in a small space, one tip is to look at circular pieces. They will give you ample dining surface without taking up as much space as a square or rectangular table.


If your budget is limited, you can make an impact with beautiful curtains in your preferred pattern. Bamboo blinds complement your environmentally friendly studio, while lush, soundproof drapes block street noise from entering your apartment.

If you cannot paint an entire room, focus on just one wall. Make it an accent wall, and you’ll transform the setting. While stencils make house painting easier, there are several relaxing ideas that can be implemented with just an old rag and a little leftover paint.

Color on your walls can be chosen to make a room appear bigger or to embrace its coziness. Lilac walls and a single green plant on a small coffee table in gold, navy or ivory pot can have an elegant effect.

If you are in doubt about the right shade for home painting, go with ivory, because it complements almost any furniture or accessories that you could use. It may also make your home appear bigger.

The color you use on your walls and furnishings can highlight collectibles on shelves, or small decor items such as rugs. A mortar wash treatment can be used to give an area such as a fireplace an aged look.


Hanging art on the walls is a great way to make a space feel stylish and finished. However, artwork can often be expensive, especially if you want nice frames that will compliment your decor. Fortunately, there are cheaper options when it comes to finding artwork.

Even if you are not particularly artsy, you can easily create your own abstract artwork with the help of an online tutorial or two. Just put the art in a nice frame and no one will be able to tell it wasn’t store-bought. If you don’t want to hang painted art, you can save money by hanging your own pictures. Just print them on a good-sized photo paper that is not too glossy.

Rugs and Other Accessories

The accessories that you select for your home should reflect your personality. You can find attractive yet affordable pieces at flea markets, clearance sales, and garage sales. Being diligent with your search and conscious of how each potential item may fit in your decorating plan will help you to create a space you’ll truly enjoy being in.

Stylish Storage

Everyone needs storage, but it would be a shame to spend time democrating your home only to buy a few regular plastic storage bins that you keep in the corner. Instead, you should opt for stylish storage options like pipe shelves, storage racks and wall-mounted shelves for any storage that will not be tucked away in a closet. They all help you to keep your space free of clutter, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your decor. 


A tiny table, comfortable accent chair and horizontal shelving can all help you to make your house a home. Avoid large items that you don’t need and save on the functional items you want by shopping around. With strategic planning, you can decorate your small space on a budget, and create a welcoming, productive environment.

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