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Almost everyone will need to visit the DMV for a driver’s license or ID card at some point in their life. Whether you need a new driver’s license or or a REAL ID card, a driver’s license is both a driving permit and an important legal form of identification.

To get a new driver’s license, applicants will usually need to complete two separate tests. One is a written exam that tests an applicant’s knowledge of road laws, and the other is a driving exam that tests an applicant’s vehicle operation ability by having an applicant drive a vehicle while observed by a DMV worker. 

Ready to Drive? Learn How To Get A New Driver’s License
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If you gain a passing grade on both of these exams, you will be eligible to apply for a DMV new license. Some states also require you to have a driving permit for a year or more before you are allowed to take the written and driving exam, but this varies by state. 

Once you have passed both exams, you will need to fill out a new driver’s license application. For this process, you will need to present proof of identification in the form of a birth certificate, Social Security Number or other proof of citizenship. 

If you are not yet a citizen of the United States, you will need to show proof of your lawful presence in the country such as an Alien Identification Card. Additionally, you will also need to show proof of residency for the state you live in. This can be shown in the form of bills or mail sent to your home in your name.

You will also need to present proof of your vehicle registration and proof of your vehicle insurance to ensure you will be driving legally in your state. 

After all the paperwork is filled out and your picture is taken, you will need to pay a fee for your new driver’s license. This fee will vary depending on your state and the method of payment will also vary. However, it is recommended to take both cash and a valid credit card to the DMV to ensure you have at least one valid method of payment.

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