Another advantage to choosing direct deposit is that you will not need to worry about losing your paycheck or having it stolen. If your money is directly deposited in your bank account, there is no need to have a physical paycheck you need to deposit at your bank or bank ATM.

Another important benefit of direct deposit is that you will be able to avoid check fraud more easily, as physical checks will not be how you receive your main source of income. Additionally, if your check is lost or stolen, it will only further delay the payment process.

Protect Your Paycheck With Direct Deposit

The payment was already going to take longer than a direct deposit, but if your check were lost or stolen, you would have to ask your employer to cancel your previous check and issue you a new one.

This does not only cause an inconvenience to you, but also to your employer and accounting department.

Reissuing a check and ensuring that the original was never cashed is no small matter and will require a great deal of effort and resources on your part. 

To avoid all of this drama over a small scrap of paper, you can simply set up direct deposit and only have to worry about an electronic paper trail rather than a physical one. With direct deposit, you will have peace of mind knowing where your paycheck is at all times: safe and in your bank account. 

If a physical paycheck or proof or payment is still too important to you to give up, consider asking your employer for a physical pay stub in addition to your direct deposit. Some employers provide this automatically, while others only do it if asked, so be sure to check with them before making your decision.

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