As a Veteran or current servicemember, you may be eligible for some of the best car insurance rates around. This is because car insurance companies understand that military personnel live under unique circumstances that may change their car insurance needs at a moment’s notice. For example, many companies allow servicemembers to “pause” their car insurance coverage temporarily in the event that they are deployed overseas and no longer need to drive their vehicles.

This kind of pause does not affect your standing with car insurance companies or ruin your coverage streak, so you would still be eligible for loyalty discounts and the like, on top of the already sizeable discounts that veterans receive from most major automobile insurance companies.

Save on Car Insurance — How Veterans Can Get Discounts

Whether it’s a special military-personnel discount or insurance policies that are exclusively for Veterans, there are countless ways to save. 

The USAA Auto Insurance provider is one of the best ways for Veterans to get cheap car insurance options. It is an auto insurance provider that is exclusively for military personnel. 

What’s more, USAA members saved an average of $707 on their annual premium last year by switching to USAA insurance. 

However, you don’t need to go to an exclusively military-friendly insurance provider to get car insurance deals. Through other insurance companies like Geico, State Farm, and more, Veterans and other military personnel can generally receive discounts up to 15 percent on annual premiums. 

So, be sure to ask your car insurance provider about discounts that are offered to Veterans. 

Luckily, there are countless Veteran discounts in store for life insurance policies as well.

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