Below are a few more of the best premium credit cards out there. These include the Citi premium card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Bank of America Premium Rewards Card. Continue reading to find out if one of them may be for you.

The Citi premium card offers users ThankYou Points on day-to-day purchases, making this one of the best premium cards for everyday use. Points can also be obtained on many travel-related purchases such as flights and gas, meaning this could be an ideal card for commuters. The Citi premium has a yearly fee of “only” $95, so it’s pretty affordable as far as premium cards go.

Other Notable Premium Credit Cards

If you are looking to trade your current premium card for one that is known for its well-roundedness, then the Chase Sapphire Reserve could be a viable option. The annual fee on this one is slightly higher at $550. However, it offers a great sign-up incentive and frequent points that can be used with a great selection of hotels and airlines. For larger purchases over $4,000 within a certain amount of time after creating an account, cardholders will be rewarded with an additional 50,000 points (totaling $750 towards travel expenses).

The Bank of America Premium Rewards Card is highly favored for its low annual fee of just $95. Plus, the sign-up reward of 50,000 points is nothing to be sniffed at. Your points can be redeemed in the usual way with travel or rewards. However, this one allows you to also take cashback, which will be deposited into any Bank of America account. You’ll benefit from purchase protection, concierge services and car protection, among other services, and the Bank Of America credit card is often called one of the best credit cards around.

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