One of the easiest ways to prevent more debt while you are paying off your credit cards is to stop using your cards. It will be impossible to ever pay off your debt if you continue to add to it. First, start by leaving your credit cards at home, or keep one only for emergencies.

Use cash or your debit card. You can buy prepaid debit cards that allow you to put funds on the card so you will not charge more than you intend. This will help you to maintain a budget on a daily basis.

Make Little Changes for Big Results: Reprioritizing Your Budget
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Remove your credit card information from your online shopping accounts. This will stop vendors from charging your card for monthly services (do not forget to cancel memberships) and make you reconsider a purchase. Having credit information stored makes it simple to rack up debt in just a few clicks. 

Food is a big and necessary expense. You can easily cut costs by reducing the number of times you eat out at restaurants. You can also select off-brands at the grocery store.

If you have a family, buying in bulk can save you on overall costs because of their discounts.

Postpone treating yourself to-go coffees, snacks at the convenience store, and more.

Instead, put that money you would have spent on your little indulgences aside, and at the end of the month, you may be surprised at how much your treats are really costing you. 

Pretty soon, you will find other easy ways to cut costs and save by reprioritizing where your money goes. After some time living this way, you can achieve freedom from debt.

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