There are benefits to mass tort suits that might make this type of litigation the best option for you. In general, these advantages have to do with the likelihood of winning a case, the smaller individual cost of large lawsuits for plaintiffs and certain other details.

First, Filing a mass tort lawsuit can make it much easier for plaintiffs to succeed against defendants who are large companies or corporations. This is because you are suing the large company or corporation with many other people who have been similarly wronged. So, although your case will be considered on an individual basis, you will have the strength-in-numbers to take on the large corporation or company.

Why a Mass Tort Lawsuit May Be Right for You

It may not have been feasible to personally sue such a big company, but it will be possible to do so with many other victims. For this reason, mass torts are an effective way to submit a claim and potentially win compensation.

Second, The plaintiffs in a mass tort lawsuit can work together in the pre-trial proceedings, sharing each other’s investigations, discoveries, resources, and ideas

This will help make your case stronger against the defendant. All the plaintiffs are working toward a common goal together — to receive justice and compensation from the company or corporation that has inflicted the harm, whether willfully, neglectfully or without any intent. 

Third, If the mass tort case settles or wins the trials, each plaintiff will receive his or her own compensation package

In a mass tort lawsuit, your personal experience and individual grievances will be considered separately from all the others. The amount you receive will depend on what the judgment is in your particular situation and what your damages are.

Therefore, when the company or corporation that has inflicted the harm is ordered to pay damages, you will receive an individualized amount of money to make up for how the defendant has personally affected you. 

Fourth, Legal expenses are shared. 

Taking legal action in general, but especially against a large corporation or company can be extremely costly. If you are sharing the legal fees with many other victims, sometimes hundreds of victims, your out-of-pocket costs will be significantly lower. 

Class-action lawsuits also share some of these advantages, along with some other advantages. Read on to learn more about class action lawsuits to see which type of litigation is best for you if you have a claim.

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