No one likes to think about making final arrangements, but preparing for the inevitable can give you peace of mind. Making these decisions ahead of time can save you and your family money and stress during a difficult time.

End-of-life matters to consider include legal documents that you should have ready as soon as possible and end-of-life costs such as funeral and burial expenses.

Help Your Loved Ones by Handling End-Of-Life Expenses
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Legal documents – Have you thought about what services and care you want when you can no longer make decisions? For example, your family may want to keep you with them longer by choosing costly medical treatments.

Make sure your loved ones carry out your last wishes by legally recording how you want your last days. 

Funeral and burial costs – The expense of funerals and burials are on the rise. You may be able to save money by purchasing a plot or other elements in advance before the fees increase.

You can also shop around to find the best prices. Many places allow you to pre-pay or lock in a price for services. If you leave these details to your family, they may make unnecessary purchases in an emotional state.

End-of-life arrangements do not need to be expensive and over the top. If you want to pay the least amount in the event of your death, there are very affordable options, such as donating your body to science. It is the most cost-efficient route, and it gives back to the community.

Be sure to also create a last will and testament. You will have to choose an executor, who will be responsible for handling the financial and legal aspects of your will.

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