Not every person or family qualifies for SNAP or other government-funded food assistance programs. There are also government food pantries but those too have income requirements many working families cannot meet. Middle-income working families occasionally still struggle to make ends meet, however.

Churches, charities, and other local organizations oftentimes set up food pantries and food banks, where needy families can get hot meals and groceries for themselves and their families without having to go through the qualification process of the government organizations. 

How Else Can I Save Money on Groceries?
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The CDC, or the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the organization Feeding America provide resources and hotlines for more specific information on where you can find local charities and soup kitchens. 

There are plenty of tips on how to learn ways to save money on a regular basis, so that you can be sure you always have a food and grocery budget left in your account.  Here, read some helpful tips on how to save for your grocery budget: 

• Avoid using expensive, marked-up grocery delivery services.

• Limit or eliminate takeout orders.

• Stick to your shopping list and avoid impulse grocery purchases.

• Plan your meals in advance of purchasing groceries.

• Check your receipts for mistakes before leaving the grocery store.

• Demand sale prices and rain checks on out-of-stock items.

• Analyze your grocery receipts for ways to save money going forward.

• Shop early or late to get the best clearance prices and items.

• Know and honor your budget.

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