Learn About Veterans Benefits and Discounts to Help You Save BIG

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA)  provides countless benefits to Veterans, servicemembers and their families through the Veterans Benefits Administration, or VBA. When military personnel return to civilian life, the transition period could be tough.

Through the VBA, Veterans and their families are supported with benefits that address all aspects of daily life — from car insurance to life insurance, from mortgage assistance to student loan help, and much more.

What Types of Veterans Benefits Can I Apply For?
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The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs provides thousands of benefit opportunities to Veterans and Servicemembers, as well as Veteran benefits for spouses and dependent children. These benefits are primarily administered through two VA programs: the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). 

Through the VHA, military personnel and their families can receive benefits like free healthcare, mental health support and treatment, and Veterans dental benefits. 

Here, however, we will be focusing on the benefits that are offered to Veterans through the VBA. Through the VBA, eligible Veterans and their families can receive benefits like free education, free life insurance, free auto insurance, cash payments for disabilities, cash payments to buy a home, and much more. 

Also, Military benefits through the VA are not only offered to Veterans and the families of Veterans. If you are an active-duty Servicemember, the VBA also has benefits available for you. 

Maybe you’re interested in earning a new degree, elevating your education, or want help with a career change. 

Once you have returned to civilian life from active-duty, buying a home and finding a low-rate mortgage loan might be top priority. Or, renovating your home to adapt it to your service-related disability. For older Veterans, the home-related benefits you might be most interested in may be related to Veterans housing assistance, such as home care or assisted living. 

Luckily, the VBA provides numerous home assistance benefits to help you and your family in any stage of life. 

First, learn about the various types of insurance the VBA offers, and how to know if you or your loved ones are eligible for low-cost, or even free insurance benefits.

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