The VBA does not offer auto insurance benefits directly. However, most insurance companies offer up to 15% in special discounts to Veterans and military personnel. Like homeowners insurance, USAA and Armed Forces Insurance (AFI) offer exclusive coverage and large discounts for auto insurance to both active and retired Servicemembers. But, these aren’t the only places to find military friendly car insurance.

You can also research rates by military branch. Some insurance companies offer specific discounts for specific military branches; For example, if you are a member of the navy, you could save as much as $25 per six-month policy at many insurance companies.  If you are deployed and are unsure how to handle your auto insurance policy, you can also consider storage coverage.

Save on Car Insurance With Veterans Discounts

Many insurance companies offer special deals to military personnel, so that you will only pay for comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle if it is vandalized, stolen, or damaged by weather while you are overseas.

With military-friendly storage coverage, your premium can be lowered by as much as 90 percent, and you will avoid a lapse or gap in your insurance policy that could have financial repercussions. 

If storage coverage isn’t for you, many car insurers offer flexibility for military personnel who are deployed and need to alter or cancel coverage.

Sometimes, insurers may even cover the costs to move your car overseas. 

The best way to find the military friendly car insurance benefits that are right for you is to shop around.  

Next, learn about Life Insurance for Veterans and their families and the benefits offered through the VBA. 

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