Learn About 5 Debt Relief Options That May Help Reduce Your Debt

If you are tired of being in debt, you have several routes available to get a handle on your finances. Whether you got in over your head slowly by spending more than you earn or a sudden emergency put you in a financial hole, you can get yourself out of debt with helpful debt relief programs.

Your choice of debt relief selection will depend on how much you are in debt, your credit score, and your budget. You should review each option carefully since some might be better for you than others. 

Which Debt Relief Options Might Work for Me?
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In the last quarter of 2022, consumer debt reached $16.90 trillion. If you are in debt, it may feel impossible to reclaim your financial security, but there are several viable options. 

In some cases, you may be able to use debt settlement, management, or consolidation to fix your finances. There are also debt relief options to help with your taxes. Finally, you may be able to solve your debt through bankruptcy.

Before you look into your relief choices, you should look at your finances. Most debt occurs when you spend more than you earn. Making a budget can stop you from accumulating more debt. 

Start by listing your earnings and your expenses. Expenses might include living costs, student loans, car payments, and minimum credit card obligations. You might also want to separate your musts, like rent and utilities, from your wants, like streaming services.

Calculate the amounts you must and can put toward your debt. For example, you must pay at least the minimum payment on each of your credit cards. However, you may be able to contribute more than the minimum. 

Focus on one debt at a time by paying the minimum on all your accounts except one. By putting your extra money towards that one debt, you will put more towards the principal, which will pay off your debt faster.

If you cannot afford to pay the minimum requirements, you might consider filing for bankruptcy to avoid financial consequences like foreclosure.

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Updated on 03/16/2023