How to Get a Lower Car Insurance Rate

It is almost impossible to avoid paying for car insurance if you are a driver in the United States, but you can find affordable auto insurance that protects you at a low cost. The policy fee for your car insurance will depend on what company you go with and factors such as your age, driving record, and credit score.

If you do your research to find the best deals on auto insurance, you should be able to sign up for an auto car insurance policy for just a little over $1000 per year. Continue reading to learn about different ways you may save on car insurance.

Where Can I Find The Cheapest Car Insurance?
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There are many different car insurance companies in the United States, but just 7 of them make up more than half of the market for individual car insurance policies. What you will pay for car insurance depends on a variety of factors but in general, here are the cheapest major car insurance companies. Annual Costs For Car Insurance *ranked in order from lowest to highest annual cost for minimum coverage:

  1. USAA (available only to members of the military, veterans, and their family members) : Minimum Coverage: $415 / Full Coverage: $1,023
  2. Geico: Minimum Coverage: $478 / Full Coverage: $1,198
  3. State Farm: Minimum Coverage: $624 / Full Coverage: $1,511
  4. Progressive: Minimum Coverage: $774 / Full Coverage: $1,766
  5. Allstate: Minimum Coverage: $784 / Full Coverage: $1,834
  6. Liberty Mutual: Minimum Coverage: $900 / Full Coverage: $1,778
  7. Farmers: Minimum Coverage: $926 / Full Coverage: $1,865

You may be able to qualify for even cheaper car insurance.

Some companies offer discount auto insurance to groups such as active members of the military, veterans and full-time students in good academic standing

Drivers can also take steps to obtain a discount. Examples include: 

  • Drivers who can prove they have taken a defensive driving course or another type of driver’s education class
  • Drivers who insure multiple cars with the same company
  • Drivers who have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance under the same company as their car insurance
  • Drivers who pay their annual premium in one payment instead of monthly installments

What you pay for car insurance will also depend on your specific situation. Learn how to get car insurance quotes and discover what factors affect your driving insurance rates.

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