While your age, credit score, and driving history are the main criteria that affect your car insurance rate, there are many other factors that car insurance companies consider when they give you a quote. Some of these factors, like gender, are out of your control, while others depend on how careful of a driver you have been. Here are some of the other aspects of your life that car insurance companies will look at the following factors.

Driving Experience: This category is similar to your age but is a bit more specific. Your driving experience is the number of years that you have spent behind the wheel. In general, someone who has many years of experience will have much cheaper car insurance than a new driver.

More About Your Driver Profile
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For example: a 30-year-old who got their driver’s license as soon as they turned 16 will probably enjoy a much lower annual premium than a 30-year-old who waited until their early twenties to start driving.

Location: Car insurance rates depend on which state you live in. Some states require more comprehensive insurance than other states so you might spend more on insurance simply because you legally must have coverage beyond a basic liability policy. 

The crime rates, geography, and weather patterns of your zip code can also affect how much you pay for insurance.

People who live in areas that have higher records of vandalism and theft or are prone to floods and other natural disasters will probably pay more for insurance than someone who lives in an area that is generally safe from crime or extreme weather.

Gender: Statistics show that young male drivers are riskier than their female counterparts.

For this reason, if you are a male teenager it is likely that you will pay more for car insurance than the women you know with similar driving experience.

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