Each state has different requirements about how quickly the issue must be reported.  But when employees who get injured or sick report the incident to their supervisor right away, it helps establish that the injury or illness happened on the job. The supervisor is required to write up a report detailing the date, time and circumstances of the injury. 

If the employee has contracted a job-related illness, workers compensation experts advise reporting it either when the employee gets a medical diagnosis or discovers that the illness is related to the job.

How to Report a Job-Related Injury or Illness

What’s more, specific workers compensation procedures are newly in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some states have enacted laws that say that employees in certain jobs who contract COVID-19 are presumed to have gotten it on the job, and therefore are eligible to receive workers comp payments. This includes:

Minnesota, Michigan, Washington, Utah and Wisconsin: For first responders and health care workers

Illinois, New Jersey and Vermont: For all essential workers

California and Wyoming: For all workers

Arkansas: For all workers whose jobs make exposure to COVID-19 possible or likely

Connecticut: For all essential workers who contracted COVID-19 between March 10, 2020 and May 20, 2020

Florida: For first responders, child safety investigators, corrections officers, National Guard service members responding to COVID-19, state-employed health care workers

Kentucky: For first responders, health care workers, military and National Guard, domestic violence shelter workers, child advocacy workers, rape crisis center staff, grocery store workers, postal workers and childcare workers

New Hampshire: For first responders

North Dakota: For first responders, healthcare workers, providers of care to individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (benefits limited to temporary wage replacement while in quarantine and healthcare treatments)

Puerto Rico: For all workers infected while performing authorized services

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